All about me written by my new mum…

We received a call out of the blue to see if we could foster a 3 year old blue standard dachshund who needing immediate rehoming. He came with a serious limp, anxiety and a fear of men so we knew he needed some work to help him overcome his issues and get his limp treated.

His medical treatment started quickly and he was diagnosed with arthritis caused by a shoulder injury – which was devastating news at only 3 years old. Following this diagnosis Donald commenced Hydrotherapy to aid his recovery which is ongoing. He also suffers from twisted front legs so swimming is such a relief to him and aids his mobility, keeping his joints and muscles working properly.

He also takes a number of natural supplements to manage his symptoms including Yu-Move, Salmon Oil & Golden Paste.  

All of his hydrotherapy and natural supplements are funded by The Red Foundation and by kind donors purchasing from their Amazon Wish List.

We are still working on his reactivity and social skills. Donald still has bad days – what dog doesn’t?, but I know we have the backing and support from The Red Foundation Team and their behaviourist. 

He is also now inseparable from my husband, and has recently been his dedicated companion after being diagnosed and treated for a serious medical condition. Considering he was frightened of men when he first arrived, this shows what you can achieve with commitment, love and the support of the whole Red Foundation team.

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