Boycie was surrendered to The Red Foundation in 2022 having suffered from IVDD in 2021. Unfortunately Boycie had been left paralysed and incontinent and was also suffering from pressure sores.

When a paralysed animal starts to get nerve regeneration, or mild sensation returning,  this can cause a pins and needles type sensation. This  can be irritable and often results in  the animal biting and chewing at the area. Unfortunately this happened with Boycie and he was left with significant injuries to his leg coupled with an ulcerated sore to each hock. 

Unfortunately his injuries were too significant for his foster family to manage and he moved to our behaviourist to start rehab. Another member of the team then offered to take Boycie for a couple of weeks for holiday cover and he never left. 

Boycie went through 8 months of intensive wound management. This required his legs to be bandaged constantly and his wounds to be cleaned and dressed daily. It can be hard enough managing wounds on a continent dog, let alone one who is incontinent.  After weekly Vet appointments, hundreds of bandages and dressings, lots of steps forward and some significant steps backwards Boycie was signed off by the vets in September 2022. 

Boycie has 5 fur brothers and sisters and is very much the King of the pack. He is treated no different to the able bodied dogs in the family, he comes for walks on his wheels, he sleeps on the bed, he shreds the post, he protects the house and he is first in the queue at dinner time. He shouts when he is not happy with something, and will continue to shout until it is rectified. 

Boycie is a happy boy who absolutely loves life and is living proof that four working legs are overrated and only two are required to live a happy normal life as a dog.

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