Dogs in Scotland


  • Edinburgh, Scotland 
  • Male, Tweenie
  • Dapple, smooth
  • Not neutered
  • Adoption fee is £450

Rex was recently moved to a foster home because of a change in his owners circumstances. Due to working long hours and because of Rex’s fear and anxieties, were unable to leave with anyone, they were sadly unable to offer him the time that he needs. He is now looking for his forever home. 

Rex was described by his owners as a lovely dog when he feels safe and secure. He will happily sit on the laps and be petted. He enjoys playing with toys and is quite mischievous. However, he is very anxious around strangers and unfamiliar dogs, he will bark repeatedly and can hide when approached. 

Rex was working with a behaviourist and was coming on really well sadly this stalled but it is thought if this training is able to be re-introduced and kept up that this would have a positive impact on Rex’s behaviour. 

Rex is happy travelling in the car as long as not left alone, but doesn’t like cats and would ideally be rehomed with no children or dog savvy children over 12 to allow give him the space that he needs. 

Requirements in a home:

  • Calm, active home, not too busy
  • Older children (12+ years old)
  • Someone who is home most of the time and is able to up keep behaviourist advice and training 
  • Other dogs are fine but will need introductions
  • No cats

If you are interested in learning more about Rex, please ensure you are registered with us and send an email to [email protected]