Hi, mum says I have to write a bit about me. So here goes…

I’m Mash and I’m nearly 8 years old. I am paralysed and doubly incontinent after suffering from IVDD and the surgery didn’t work.

I met my new family in September last year with the view of just being an emergency placement. However, mum and dad had other ideas and I was placed on a “foster with commitment to adopt” at Christmas. This means The Red Foundation would be able to help with any vet bills relating to his IVDD for a set period of time.

Even though I’m paralysed, mum says I don’t really require any special treatment apart from having my bladder expressed a couple of times a day, I wear nappies the rest of the time, and a drag bag (mum has found baby gro-bags work rather well)

If we go out for walks then I have my wheels (turns me into a speedy dog) or my buggy, but at home I just drag my legs. I used to get sore spots but now mum was given some special cream from the vet, which I really don’t like as I shook the whole time I was there, they are completely healed.

The Red Foundation has provided me with information on how to obtain my wheels and buggy. Information about IVDD because until I came into mum’s life, she had never had any experience of it, especially bladder expression etc. She is now a pro, but don’t tell her. She can also get me on my wheels with ease when out on walks. I have been lucky enough to go to work at Christmas with my mum as she was helping a friend with a market stall (this meant lots of fuss for me!!) and also being a guest of honour at my mums’ day job when they held their Christmas raffle.

All in all, life is terrific for me, but without The Red Foundation none of this would be possible.

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