An update on Mash left paralysed from IVDD but thriving!

I have been asked to write a small amount about fostering Mash so hopefully this reads okay, I apologise in advance if it’s too long.

Our family consists of 2 teenagers, 2 cats (one an amputee), 2 rabbits and a dachshund Cross named Cocoa.

We had always discussed the possibility of extending our furbaby family, but never taken the next step. Then Mash came along and everything changed. We saw a photo of him on this group and instantly felt a bond, however there was 1 potential obstacle… Mash has been left paralysed after suffering an IVDD episode. We had no idea what extra care he might need, or what his quality of life would be or how he would adapt to a change of surroundings. So we took a step back, but life had a different idea.
We received a text asking if we would consider taking Mash as a foster placement to which our reply was yes!

So after a conversation with both The Red Foundation and his wonderful Foster mum, we made plans to visit him, with us bringing him home if things went well. They say you don’t ever choose a dog, they choose you… well they’re right. After a crash course in dressing his sores (from dragging over carpet, expressing his bladder and how to change his belly band it was decision time… so we asked Mash if he wanted to come with us to which me, and my partner, we’re given the biggest doggy kiss ever. The rest as they say is history. It is day 4. Mash has slept through every night, without worry, and is completely part of the family. He loves his new fur family (even the rabbits), the car and most of all using his wheels to go on walks with Cocoa.

So for anyone who has concerns about a paralysed dog, please don’t be scared because you can do it. They’ll forgive you if the first time you express their bladder you forget to hold one of their feet or if their belly band falls off because it was too loose etc! And if in doubt, open messenger and speak to the wonderful team at TRF, or one of the knowledgeable people they advise.

Love, Lisa, Mash and Family