Dogs in the North


  • Chocolate & Tan Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund
  • 4 Years Old
  • Neutered
  • Fife
  • Adoption Fee £350

Chester is a lovely little boy, he loves his walks, he loves to play. He likes cuddles on his terms and will always be pleased to see you but soon wants his space to go off and play, so will not suit someone looking for a lap dog.  Chester is good with other dogs both on and off the lead although he can be anxious around very large bouncy dogs. 

Chester is happy to be left for up to 4 hours and is currently crated for this time. 

Chester has previously had IVDD however has made a full recovery. 

Chester can resource guard food, and any home will need to be aware of this and manage. He will guard his food treats bones etc and will also guard you if you are eating near him.  He does not guard toys.  We are able to provide behavioural support and advice on ways in which this is best managed. 

Chester would not be suitable to be rehomed with children due to his food guarding and he does not like cats. 

If you feel you may be interested in Chester you must be able to visit the area a minimum of twice. 

To Apply for Chester please email [email protected]


  • Black & Tan Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund
  • Age 2
  • Not Neutered
  • Warrington
  • Adoption Fee £450

Frankie is being surrendered due to severe separation anxiety. He also suffers from allergies and is receiving treatment for this.

He gets on well with the families visiting puppies and will tell them politely when he’s had enough.  He barks with excitement when he sees dogs on walks as he wants to play.

He may get protective over a high value chew and grumble on occasion.  He has never escalated.  He does currently live with children however his owner feels he will be better suited to a calmer home but older children may be considered.

Frankies owner describes him as a beautiful dog with a lovely temperament who just wants to be close to you.  He loves to bury under his blankets and is great with the children in the home.  He can be sensitive to his ears or sore areas being touched (caused by allergies) but has never shown any aggression.

To apply for Frankie please email [email protected]


  • Black & Tan Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund
  • Age 4
  • Not Neutered
  • Cumbria
  • Adoption Fee £450

Hugo is a nervous boy and needs a calm and quiet home with a low visitor footfall.  He is nervous of strangers, the vets and loud noises.  He also has severe separation anxiety. He is very loving towards his owner and loves cuddles. He is toilet trained, sleeps in his own bed in the bedroom and is used to living with an elderly cat.  He is fine with other dogs that don’t pester him.

He has nipped in the past catching them on the chin and has growled at his owners.  He can get a bit protective over toys on occasion.  He has started becoming uncomfortable around the child in the home, thus we are requesting no children or visiting children.

Hugo had IVDD in January 2023 however due to stress has a sensitive stomach and hair loss. He is on a specific diet.

Hugo has severe separation anxiety and is on medication for this thus would need someone around all the time.  Our behaviour team will support new owners in helping Hugo with this but given the severity potential owners need to be aware this will be a long process.

To apply for Hugo please email [email protected]

Bucky & Pepper

  • Bonded Pair – Bucky Mini Smooth Chocolate Dapple & Pepper Mini Long Black & Tan
  • Pepper 2 Years Old, Bucky 4 Years Old
  • Not Neutered
  • Lancashire
  • Adoption Fee as a Pair £850 (can not be separated)

Due to a change in work commitments Bucky & Pepper are looking for a  new home.

Bucky isn’t a fan of the rain and walking frequency is dictated by this.  He might have the occasional toileting accident in bad weather.  He sleeps in a crate at nightime and can be left for up to 4 hours alone.  Bucky can be nervous around other dogs, but will sniff and continue on his walk.  He loves his ball and will focus on this on walks.  He has lived with cats previously but not for the last 3 years.

Bucky has generally been ok with children, however recently in an isolated incident bit the child in the home on the lip when he had a bone.  He is generally ok with his toys and food bowl but has shown guarding behaviour over bones historically. Bucky isn’t a fan of being picked up if you are standing up but likes to lie next to you or on your lap. With this in mind children should be over 16 years old.

 His owners describe him as playful and inquisitive, his favourite thing is his balls.  He likes to burrow under blankets and is very affectionate  He enjoys chasing his ball especially. After initial caution he is friendly towards people.

Pepper enjoys walks and isn’t worried by the weather.  She can be left for up to 4 hours.  She sleeps in a crate at night.  Pepper is nervous around other dogs, especially bigger bouncy dogs and will run away if scared. She is fine with children, however as per Bucky’s needs children must be over 16 years old.  Whilst she is nervous of strange dogs she does get on well with dogs she see’s regularly as does Bucky.

Her owner describes her as a very gentle and loving dogs who loves to snuggle.

Bucky and Pepper are seasoned campers and used to long drives.  Bucky can get a bit travel sick on long journeys but is ok with regular stops

To apply for Bucky & Pepper please email [email protected] 


Manchester area
3.5 years old
Miniature, black and tan, wire haired
Adoption fee is £350 

Albus is a cheeky, happy little man. He is very, very smart and full of energy. He is house trained, routine driven and picks things up/learns quickly. He will let you know when it is time to wake up, eat or go for a walk.

He loves to be outside and would benefit from an active home that can offer lots of long walks. He will happily sit beside you on the sofa but (at this stage) is not one for cuddles. He shows affection in other ways, eg. will bring toys to you when he wants to play. 

He can be destructive to get attention when bored so plenty of walks and activity type toys are essential to prevent this.

Albus is not reactive to other dogs when out walking but will react if strangers approach him. He is also reactive in the home and barks at visitors and noises. He has bitten when reacting.

He lives happily with another dog and they play and walk together well but they are fed separately due to guarding, mainly around food.

He is sensitive to touch which we now think is the source of his biting issues and although he can be picked up touching his underside (chest/belly) or legs should be avoided. Due to his somewhat unpredictable behaviour we would recommend a home with no children and very few visitors. Albus is ok travelling in the car but does prefer to sit upfront.

Home requirements for Albus:

  • No children
  • Very few visitors
  • Another calm dog
  • Someone willing to give him time, space and work with him with lots of activity
  • Preferably male household

To apply for Albus please email [email protected] 


  • Silver Dapple Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund
  • Age 1
  • Yorkshire
  • Adoption fee £500

Albert is a friendly loving dog, and adores his immediate family. He is happy to be left although this has always been with other dogs. Albert is house trained and knows all the basic commands. He currently sleeps in a pen in his owner’s bedroom

Albert suffers from anxieties relating to visitors to the home and strange dogs he doesn’t know. This is manageable with a slow  introduction with adult visitors however he is unsettled with children. Albert has bitten twice, both times have been visitors to the house. He has never shown any aggression to those that he knows. 

Albert does live with 2 dachshunds who he gets along with however he is very scared of those he doesn’t know. Albert is reactive to cats. 

We are looking for a quiet home with minimal visitors who understand that initially they will be those strangers that Albert is anxious about. Someone who is able to give him the time and space to form bonds and then to continue working through his anxieties with him. 

No children and no cats. 

It is thought that Albert may be okay with another dachshund, however you should be aware that integration may take time. 

The Red Foundation will provide ongoing support and guidance in managing the behaviours. 

If you are interested in Albert and able to travel to meet him at least twice and can meet all the requirements in a home please email [email protected]

Lola and Ava – bonded pair

  • The Wirral
  • 9years 9months
  • Long haired, shaded cream
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee for Lola and Ava – £450

Lola and Ava are two lovely older sisters who must be homed together. Their situation is very sad as they are being rehomed due to their owners ill health and she knows that she can no longer give them the life that they need.

Lola is friendly and very soft natured both inside and outside of the house. Ava is a little more timid around strangers and will stick to her owners like glue, she can however be the feisty one when meeting dogs out on walks. Ava has recently bitten the owners son, when he had to grab her to stop her running into the road. She hasn’t bitten since.

Both girls are toilet trained, although because of their situation have been having a few accidents in the home. They love to sleep together and are ok in a car. The maximum time they are currently left is 1-2 hours and they are fine with this, any longer we are unsure. They are okay with children over 12 but we feel with older dogs like this they may be better with a calm adult only household.

Requirements in a home:

  • Adults only
  • Calm household
  • No cats
  • No dogs
  • No children

If you feel that you can offer these two lovely girls a loving forever home, please email [email protected]