Dogs in the North

HUGO – Foster (to Adopt) home needed

  • Manchester area
  • 7 years old
  • Male, standard
  • Black & tan, smooth
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee £250

Hugo was recently moved to an emergency foster home and is now looking for his forever home. Due to a change in situation for his current foster carers, we are looking for a quick rehome as we now have to move Hugo before 5th August.

He was rehomed to his original home via The Red Foundation two years ago and since this time he has been a much loved family pet. However, he sadly needed to be rehomed as he was becoming increasingly anxious around the family’s daughter. This led to him biting the baby which means Hugo couldn’t remain around the child and was moved to his amazing emergency foster home.

Since being in his current foster home he has been a superstar. Good as gold is how his foster carer described him. Loves meeting new people and wants to say hello to everyone. Generally good with dogs whilst out on walks too as long as they don’t invade his space at which point he’ll occasionally give a little growl. He’s recently met other family members and dogs in and out of the house and had a great time, meeting new people and absolutely loved playing with the other dogs. Also loved the attention from the 10 year old child.

We therefore feel that Hugo would  benefit from having some doggy company as long as they’re friendly and give him space. The same with the children, he loves the attention but we would only consider calm dog savvy kids who know when to give him space. 

Hugo is sadly overweight and not enjoying his walks so much at the moment, he’d rather be at home sleeping. His foster carer feels that with a bit of work and minus a few kilo’s he could be a much more active boy and really thrive in a more active home. 

Hugo is house trained but not crate trained, he likes to sleep with his family in view. He travels well in the car as long as it’s not stop and start traffic, when he can get a bit stressed and he can be left for up to 4 hours.  

Home requirements for Hugo:

  • Adult only home or children age 13+ yo 
  • Other dogs following successful meets or only dog with chance to have some doggy pals outside of the home
  • No cats

If you can offer a foster or forever home to Hugo, please email [email protected] 


  • Leeds
  • Male, 5yrs 9mths
  • Red, smooth coat
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee is £250

Noodles is currently in a foster home and is proving to be an incredibly loving companion who thrives on close contact and affection. His favourite pastimes include snuggling up beside you with plenty of belly rubs.

Initially surrendered at the end of January, Noodles was placed in an emergency foster home as he was suffering from IVDD and his original owners were unable to continue his care. Noodles faced challenges such as loss of mobility in his back legs and incontinence. However, with dedicated care and attention he has made remarkable progress. His bladder and bowel functions are now fully in control, and he has regained stability in his hind legs… he is even enjoying short walks.

Still needing care and attention towards a full recovery, Noodles is showing signs that he’s an active dog so once he’s fully recovered we feel he will be up for some nice regular walks.

He lived with another dachshund in his original home and with a female dachshund in his foster home. However, there were a couple incidents of aggression towards the other dog so he was moved to a home as an only dog, this does seem to suit him a lot better although he would love to have some play mates outside of the house. 

Noodles can be reactive and will give warnings when he’s not happy, for example, he doesn’t like to be moved off the sofa until he’s ready, this caused him to bite in his original home but in his foster home he has growled to give warning but never bitten. His foster family have been actively addressing this with the help of a behaviourist and we are confident that this will continue to improve with consistency and patience in his forever home.

Noodles is crate trained and he’s happy to be left for a few hours in his crate. He will whine initially but soon stops and is always pleased to see you on your return. He travels well in a car although doesn’t really enjoy it. 

With his loving and affectionate nature, he’s familiar with some commands and is motivated by treats and praise. Finding him a confident owner will be important for his continued development and happiness. It’s also nice to hear that he’s bonded well with the whole family and enjoys the presence of males. With the right guidance and training, he’s sure to thrive in his new home.

Requirements in a home:

  • Calm family, couple or single person home
  • Someone who has time and patience, who can continue to work on his behaviours (with the support from The Red Foundation)
  • Children age 16+ years old who can appreciate his personal space and support his care and training 
  • No dogs
  • No cats

If you have the time and the patience to continue with Noodles recovery and to work on improving his behaviours, please send an email to [email protected]


Reggie (S)

  • Yorkshire
  • 1yr 6mths
  • Male, miniature
  • Black & tan, smooth
  • Not neutered
  •  Adoption fee for Reggie is £450

Reggie is being rehomed as his current owners are unable to provide him with the attention that he needs due to family pressures.  He is a beautiful boy with lots of love to give who will be a fantastic pet for the right, patient owner.  He is house-trained and can be left for 4 hours when necessary.

Reggie is an anxious boy who is a typical dachshund and likes to bark.  He can bark at other dogs (not all dogs) on walks and his new owner will need to be patient and ideally have experience with reactive dogs so that Reggie can learn how to behave more appropriately.  He is usually better with other dachshunds, so could, if an initial meeting went well, be a good friend for an older, calm dachshund.

He currently lives with a secondary school aged child, so older, calm children would also be a possibility, subject to a successful introduction.

Requirements in a home:

  • Someone who is at home a reasonable amount of time 
  • Someone who can train a reactive dog
  • Sensible, older children (age 13+)
  • Could potentially live with an older, calm dachshund
  • No cats
  • Reggie S would like a home with a garden

To find out more about Reggie please email [email protected]

Reggie (K)

  • 2yrs old
  • Male, tweenie 
  • Chocolate & Tan, Smooth
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee is £350

Reggie is described as relaxed and chilled when he is around people he knows. He loves a cuddle and has a lot of love to give to those he knows and has a bond with. He is being surrendered due to a number of changes in his owners circumstances, which is meaning he’s not getting the time and attention that he needs.

Reggie is really good with small children up to the age of 3. He does get very excited around older children who are playing and can become boisterous. 

Reggie cannot be left alone for any period of time as he has severe separation anxiety. He is more than happy spending time at doggie day care and socialises well with other dogs. 

He travels well in the car as long as he is in the front seat and not the boot, he is not crate trained and is very happy to snuggle up in bed with you. He is toilet trained and enjoys long off lead walks in safe spaces.

Requirements in a home:

  • Someone who is home most of the time, or with the capacity to take to a home from home doggie daycare
  • Children and other dogs are fine with introductions
  • no cats

If you are interested in learning more about Reggie, please ensure you are registered with us and send an email to [email protected]