Dogs in the North

Frankfurter (Frank)

  • 7yrs 6mths
  • Male, mini
  • Brown dapple, smooth
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee for Frankfurter is £250

Frank is a timid boy who is easily spooked, he has bitten in the past. His owners have learnt to manage this behaviour but feel that their home is just too busy for him and as they are looking at starting a family, it’s only going to get busier and they feel he would benefit from a calmer, quieter home with less comings and goings. Because Frank has bitten he would not suit a home with children.

He is a loving dog who adores his walks so an active home would be ideal. When he’s out and about or at home with his family around Frank is at his happiest, he really doesn’t like strangers although visitors to the house are ok as long as they ignore him.

Frank isn’t really interested in other dogs whilst out and about and if they come too close he will react so we feel a home without other dogs would be preferred. Frank doesn’t like cats.

Frank is house trained, crate trained, likes to sleep in his own bed in his owners bedroom and can be left up to 4 hours.

Frank’s ideal home would be a quiet, calm, maybe rural or semi rural adult only home, somewhere he could have some nice quiet walks without too many people and other dogs.

Requirements in a home:

  • Calm, quiet adult home
  • Minimal visitors
  • Someone who is home most of the time
  • No other dogs
  • No children
  • No cats

If you would like to express an interest in Frank, please email [email protected]

Buddy and Betty 

Buddy and Betty are currently located in Durham. They are a bonded pair who are sadly needing to be rehomed due to their owners change in circumstances which means that the dogs are currently being left for long periods of time. She feels that she is unable to give them the time and attention that they need and feels they would be much happier and could thrive in another home. Both dogs are house trained, crate trained, don’t mind a car journey but aren’t used to cats. They currently live in a home with children age 6 years + and are generally okay with other dogs but would need a couple of meetings if they are to be homed with other dogs.

The adoption fee for both Buddy and Betty is £750.


  • Male, tweenie
  • 3years 6months
  • Black and tan, smooth coat
  • Neutered

Buddy is described by his owners as loving nothing more than cuddles by his owners and having a knee to snooze on. He loves to play fetch although sometimes forgets how to bring the ball back. Buddy is housetrained, crate trained, doesn’t mind a car journey but doesn’t like cats. Buddy can be quite vocal when he hears strange noises. 


  • Female, tweenie 
  • 2years 1month
  • Chocolate, smooth coat
  •  Not neutered

Betty is described by her owners as still very puppy-like, loves to play and very hyper at times, loves tummy rubs and snuggling on the sofa and loves playing with soft toys. Betty can also be very vocal if she hears a strange noise and can take a while to warm to other dogs but once she does, she’s fine. 

Home requirements for Buddy and Betty 

  • Calm, caring and loving home with the energy to keep up with Betty’s playfulness 
  • dog savvy children over 6 yo who can give the dogs space to settle in
  • Possibly other calm dachshunds may be okay but this would require introductions 
  • No cats

Do you meet the above criteria? Do you feel you can give this bonded pair the home that they need? Please make sure you are registered and email us at [email protected]


Bobby and Lola – bonded pair

Bobby & Lola – bonded pair 

  • Derby 
  • Adoption fee £750

Bobby and Lola are a bonded pair, Bobby is very anxious without Lola and so they have to be rehomed together. They are being rehomed due to the owner’s ill health, which has meant that they aren’t getting the care and attention that they need. 

The dogs are house trained, crate trained, they are fine in the car and are happy to be left for up to 4 hours.


  • 4 years old
  • Male
  • Black and Tan, smooth
  • Neutered

Bobby is described as a very laid back and chilled out boy but can get very anxious without Lola. As long as Lola is around he is happy and loves nothing more than snuggling under his blankets. Bobby will bark when people knock the door and may bark at other dogs outside of the house but is timid and will soon settle. 


  • 4 years old
  • Female
  • Lilac and Tan, smooth
  • Not Neutered

Lola is described by her owners as a gorgeous, chilled out and a very loving girl. She is attached to Bobby but not as much as he is to her. Lola is currently overweight and will need someone who can help her become more active and get her to a healthy weight. Potential homes will need to agree to have Lola neutered after settling in period which will be covered by The Red Foundation. 

Requirements in a home:

  • Calm, Loving home, that are able to take both Bobby and Lola
  • Dog savvy children who can give them space and time to settle are okay 
  • Other dogs preferably dachshunds are fine but will need introductions
  • No cats

If you are interested in learning more about Bobby and Lola, please ensure you are registered with us and send an email to [email protected]


  • Leeds
  • Male, 5yrs 9mths
  • Red, smooth coat
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee is £250

Noodles is currently in a foster home and is proving to be an incredibly loving companion who thrives on close contact and affection. His favourite pastimes include snuggling up beside you with plenty of belly rubs.

Initially surrendered at the end of January, Noodles was placed in an emergency foster home as he was suffering from IVDD and his original owners were unable to continue his care. Noodles faced challenges such as loss of mobility in his back legs and incontinence. However, with dedicated care and attention he has made remarkable progress. His bladder and bowel functions are now fully in control, and he has regained stability in his hind legs… he is even enjoying short walks.

Still needing care and attention towards a full recovery, Noodles is showing signs that he’s an active dog so once he’s fully recovered we feel he will be up for some nice regular walks.

He lived with another dachshund in his original home and with a female dachshund in his foster home. However, there were a couple incidents of aggression towards the other dog so he was moved to a home as an only dog, this does seem to suit him a lot better although he would love to have some play mates outside of the house. 

Noodles can be reactive and will give warnings when he’s not happy, for example, he doesn’t like to be moved off the sofa until he’s ready, this caused him to bite in his original home but in his foster home he has growled to give warning but never bitten. His foster family have been actively addressing this with the help of a behaviourist and we are confident that this will continue to improve with consistency and patience in his forever home.

Noodles is crate trained and he’s happy to be left for a few hours in his crate. He will whine initially but soon stops and is always pleased to see you on your return. He travels well in a car although doesn’t really enjoy it. 

With his loving and affectionate nature, he’s familiar with some commands and is motivated by treats and praise. Finding him a confident owner will be important for his continued development and happiness. It’s also nice to hear that he’s bonded well with the whole family and enjoys the presence of males. With the right guidance and training, he’s sure to thrive in his new home.

Requirements in a home:

  • Calm family, couple or single person home
  • Someone who has time and patience, who can continue to work on his behaviours (with the support from The Red Foundation)
  • Children age 16+ years old who can appreciate his personal space and support his care and training 
  • No dogs
  • No cats

If you have the time and the patience to continue with Noodles recovery and to work on improving his behaviours, please send an email to [email protected]



  • Cheshire
  • 2.5 years old
  • Male, dachshund cross 
  • Standard, black and tan
  • Not neutered
  • Adoption fee for Rocky is £400

Rocky is a nervous and anxious dog. He is noise reactive and will bark at lots of noises around the home. He can also be growly when he’s not given the attention that he wants. Rocky currently lives in a busy family home where there is lots going on and lots to bark at. His owners feel that Rocky would be better suited in a calmer environment.

Unfortunately Rocky has become reactive towards the children in the house and has bitten the 12yo son when he walked past him and for no apparent reason. For this reason we would like Rocky to go to an adult only home without children or visiting children.

Rocky loves his walks and can get very excited to be out so will need some help to walk nicely on the lead without pulling. He loves playing with a tennis ball when you throw it for him and loves his toys. Rocky has a couple of blankets that he likes to sleep on and loves cuddling up to you on the chair.

Rocky lives with cats and get on well with them, however he occasionally tries to chase one of the older cats and as there may be some potential for predatory behaviour in a new home, we prefer Rocky to be the only pet in the home. This will also encourage more time for decompression and so he doesn’t practise any undesired behaviours.

Rocky is housetrained, is not used to using a crate and is a bit shaky on car journeys. He can be left for up to 4 hours.

Requirements in a home:

  • Quiet and calm home with minimal visitors
  • A home where there is someone home a lot of the time
  • Adult only home
  • No children
  • No dogs or other pets

Rocky needs someone who is home a lot of the time, someone who can provide a patient and loving home, giving him time to decompress and settle into the home and to continue with his behaviour training with the support of The Red Foundation. If you meet the above criteria and would like to talk about Rocky, please email [email protected]


Bodhi – potential home found

  • Lancashire
  • 2 yrs 8 mths
  • Male, miniature dachshund
  • Brown and cream dapple, smooth coat
  • Not neutered
  • Adoption fee for Bodhi is £450

Bodhi’s owners describe him as a really loving dog, who just wants cuddles and playtime. 

Bodhi is being surrendered due to his anxieties around strangers both in and out of the house. He has bitten on one occasion when a stranger came to stroke him and ignored the owner’s request to not approach him. The family has two young children, who are of an age where they want their friends to come round and currently they aren’t able to do this, we therefore feel a home without children would is necessary.

He loves a walk but will stop when he wants to return home but loves going to new places where he’s super interested in the new scents so will walk forever. He adores his ‘person’ and likes to follow his owner around. If she goes upstairs, he will sit and wait at the bottom of the stairs.

Bodhi is house trained and crate trained and can be left for up to 4 hours. He travels well in the car but does not like cats. 

Requirements in a home:

  • Bodhi would be best suited to an adult only home 
  • Bodhi loves a cuddle.
  • A home with limited, regular visitors 
  • Older children and adults that would support Bodhi’s training around his anxieties with strangers.
  • An older, calm dachshund could be beneficial to bodhi
  • No cats

If you feel that you can give Bodhi a lovely calm home and continue to work on his anxieties, please email [email protected]