Dogs in the South


  • North Somerset
  • 8 years old
  • Male, miniature
  • Silver dapple, smooth
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee for Archie is £250 

Archie is being rehomed as he is an older dog who is not enjoying life with a young toddler in the home – he is becoming increasingly stressed and unhappy. Archie may be ok in a home with older children, who are not unpredictable and can respect his space and give him lots of cuddles.   

Archie is scared of other dogs and will bark at them when out on walks, for this reason he is walked on the lead and most of his exercise happens at home in the garden.  He is very food-motivated so he can be distracted when on walks, however we feel a house without other dogs would be best.  His current owner feels that he could be happy with visiting dogs if introductions are careful and well-managed. 

As a young dog Archie was in a road-traffic accident but he has recovered remarkably well and his mobility is not affected. He has daily pain medication to ensure he is pain-free.

He is looking for a comfy sofa to relax on and is a loving dog who just wants a quiet life.  He enjoys chase with a squeaky ball in the garden and snuggles on the sofa.  He is housetrained and can be left for up to 4 hours when necessary.

Requirements in a home for Archie:

  • Calm, adult only home with minimal visitors
  • No young children. Quiet, dog savvy children age 13+ may be ok
  • No other dogs
  • No cats
  • Gentle walks 

To find out more about Archie please email [email protected]

Django and Nala – bonded pair


Adoption fee for Django and Nala is £650

Django and Nala are a bonded pair who are being rehomed as unfortunately Django bit the owners 22 month old child when the child accidently pressed down on his belly. This has never happened before as Django is not an aggressive dog however as the family are expecting another baby shortly, they feel they can’t risk it happening again.




  • 3 years old
  • Male, standard, red, smooth
  • Neutered

Django is described by his owner as a good dog who can be playful and loves his walks with his sister Nala. Django gets on well with other dogs, especially his sister, he is housetrained and can be left for up to 4 hours. He does not like cats.


  • 3 years old
  • Female, standard, red, smooth
  • Neutered

Nala is a shy nervous dog at first but she’s full of love and cheekiness and has a sweet personality once she gets to know you. 

Nala doesn’t really like other dogs and will bark when she sees them whilst out walking. For this reason, we feel a home without other dogs would be ideal. Nala is housetrained and can be left for up to 4 hours, she is okay in the car but can get a little nervous. She does not like cats.

Requirements in a home for Django and Nala

  • Adult only
  • No young children (dog savvy 14+ who will give them space)
  • No other dogs
  • No cats
  • Gentle walks 

To find out more about Django and Nala please email [email protected]

Oliver  – Potential Home Found

  • Essex
  • Male
  • 21 months
  • Mini chocolate & tan, smooth coat
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee £350

Oliver is being surrendered due to a change of circumstances with his current owner, who feels he needs a home who can provide more time and attention.

Oliver is a bundle of energy with a lovable temperament. He adores cuddles with his human and playing with his toys, especially fetch!  Oliver thrives on human company and is best suited to an adult only home where someone is around most of the time. However, he struggles with separation anxiety and also becomes anxious outside the home, or when left alone for a longer period of time. Despite this, his high energy levels and playful nature make him a delightful companion for those who can provide him with the attention he needs. Oliver does attend daycare where he enjoys playing with other dogs, so a home with another dog could be suitable subject to a successful meeting.

Home requirements for Oliver

  • Adult only home
  • No cats
  • Someone who is home most of the time to provide the attention needed
  • Other dogs fine subject to a successful meeting

If you can offer Oliver a lovely forever home with all of the love and attention that he needs and deserves, please email [email protected]


  • West Sussex
  • 2 years old
  • Male, miniature
  • Black & tan, smooth coat
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee is £350

Marley is described by his owner as ‘a very happy little boy who loves human attention, is kind, caring and affectionate’.  

He is being rehomed due to him becoming reactive to his litter mate. There have also been incidents of resource guarding his food with his litter mate, not humans.  Marley also trigger stacks and being with another dog is making this worse for him.  

Marley is housetrained, has excellent recall and is good in the car. He loves a run off lead in the park.  He can become anxious around children if they are noisy and for that reason cannot be rehomed in a household with young children but dog savvy kids over the age of 13 might be considered. 

He is fearful of bigger dogs and can get reactive if they approach him. 

Potential adopters need to be prepared to work with Marley to calm his anxieties and for that reason he needs to be placed in a quiet home with visiting strangers kept to a minimum at least in the first few months.

Requirements in a home:

  • Calm environment with few visiting strangers
  • No cats
  • dog savvy children only over 13 years old
  • Possibly a small female dog

If you are interested in learning more about Marley, please ensure you are registered with us and send an email to [email protected]



  • Wiltshire 
  • Female, 7 years old
  • Standard / Pug cross
  • Adoption fee £200

Yuki is a well-behaved, playful pup who is making great strides in her recovery from IVDD. 

She would benefit greatly from a home with someone who will be home most of the day to provide her with the love and care she needs as she can get upset when left alone for long periods. Yuki will need help with her ongoing physio to help her bounce back but is well on her way back to her usual playful self.

In typical Dachshund style, Yuki loves being affectionate and is happiest snuggled up with her human. She has grown up around children and loves to play with them – she especially loves playing tug of war! Before her IVDD Yuki was walked off lead with good recall and loves to approach people for attention. She is not a fan of cats, but could be rehomed into a family with an older, calm dog after a successful meet up as she can be a little timid around new dogs initially.

  • Someone home most of the time
  • No cats
  • Other dogs ok subject to a successful meeting

If you feel you could provide a loving home to Yuki, please email [email protected]

Eric and Rufus – Bonded Pair

  • Kent 
  • Adoption fee for Eric and Rufus is £550

Eric and Rufus are standard smooth black and tan dachshunds who are looking for a new home as their current owner is moving to rental accommodation and is not allowed pets.  Both dogs are house-trained, crate-trained and used to children and the resident cat – they will make wonderful pets for the right family.



  • 9 years old
  • Male, tweenie (8kg)
  • Black and tan, smooth 
  • Neutered

Eric is 9 years old and is in excellent health.  He loves to sunbathe in the garden.  He is a reluctant walker so his new family should expect to spend some time helping him to overcome this hesitation and training his recall so he can walk off-lead.  He sleeps in a crate with Rufus.  His current owner works from home so he is rarely left on his own, but he will usually just sleep in his crate if left.  Eric gets very excited when people come to the house and can be vocal but settles quickly, he is happy to lay around all day and play with his toys.


  • 5 years old
  • Male, standard (12kg)
  • Black and tan, smooth 
  • Not neutered 

Rufus is 5 years old and is in excellent health.  He is an active boy who loves his walks and playing with Eric.  He currently walks on the lead as his recall needs some work and his new family would be expected to work on this with him.  He is wary of other dogs when on a walk and sometimes barks at them, but it is straightforward to distract him.  He is not used to travelling in the car because he does not like it and becomes stressed but gradual exposure could help him get used to this.  He loves to cuddle-up on the sofa and is both child and current resident cat friendly.  He sleeps with Eric in a crate and is calm when left on his own, although this is not frequent as his current owner works from home.

Requirements in a home for Eric and Rufus:

  • No other dogs
  • Someone who is at home or can ensure they are not left for too long (especially when first adopted)
  • Can live with sensible children and confident, dog-aware cats

To find out more about Eric and Rufus please email the charity at [email protected]


  • London
  • 4 years 3 months
  • Male, miniature
  • Black and tan, longhaired
  • Not neutered
  • Adoption fee for Monty is £450

Monty is a loyal, soppy and loving dog who is particularly fond of his male owner. He loves nothing more than playing tug of war or a snuggle on the sofa.

Monty is extremely anxious, does not like strangers visiting the house and gets spooked by sudden movements. He has also shown increasing nervousness towards a young child in the home and has bitten the child on one occasion, with another attempt to bite which caught the child’s clothing. For this reason the family feel Monty would be better suited to a calm and childfree home where his new family can take the time to work on his anxieties providing slow and gentle introductions to new people.

In the past Monty has loved the company of fellow sausages at doggie day care, but has recently become more reactive to dogs outside the house.

Monty currently sleeps in his own bed in his pawrents bedroom and can happily be left alone for up to 4 hours.

Requirements in a home

  • Quiet rural or semi-rural home
  • Children over 16, with no visiting young children
  • Potential to live with a older calm female dachshund

If you are able to offer Monty a home, please contact [email protected] 



  • Bexley
  • 1 year old
  • Female, standard (9kg)
  • Smooth-haired, black & tan
  • Not neutered
  • Adoption fee is £450

Daisy is a lovely young girl who loves long walks, kisses and cuddles and a little tuck in her bed as she loves getting under her blankets to go to sleep. Unfortunately Daisy is being rehomed as her owner has increased her hours at work and feels that Daisy needs a home where someone can put more time into her training and provide the attention that she needs. 

As a young dog who is left for long hours sometimes, Daisy struggles when left alone, she may bark and will also goes to the toilet indoors and loves to chew. She needs a home that is understanding, someone there a lot of the time and someone who is willing to take her through her basic training. 

Daisy lives with another older dog and gets along well with other dogs and others outside of the house but does love to have a lot of attention so we think she would benefit from being the only pet in the home. Daisy is friendly so can be housed with children however due to her toileting issues and chewing habits we are looking for homes with no children under 13 years old. 

Daisy has a lovely temperament with a lot of love to give, all she needs is an understanding family that will be patient with her ongoing training.

Requirements in a home:

  • No other pets
  • A home where someone will be there the majority of the time
  • No children under 13-years-old

If you can offer Daisy a lovely home and the time to work on her basic house training, please send an email to [email protected]

Black Piebald Beauty

  • Middlesex
  • 2 years old
  • Female, standard (8.5kg)
  • Smooth-haired, black piebald
  • Not neutered
  • Adoption fee is £450

Black Piebald Beauty is described as being a very happy and chilled girl, extremely loving and friendly. She is being rehomed due to no fault of her own but a change in her owners home situation that means she isn’t getting the time and attention that she needs.

Black Piebald Beauty gets along with other dogs and cats but will initially bark at dogs she doesn’t know until she gets used to them.

Black Piebald Beauty doesn’t have much experience with being around children and will sometimes bark at them as she isn’t used to seeing small people! Children in a home will need to be confident and able to understand that it might take some time for Black Piebald Beauty to warm up to them. In time Black Piebald Beauty has the potential to be the perfect family dog!

Black Piebald Beauty is able to be left alone for up to three hours alone, she tends to sleep and not cause any trouble when alone. 

Requirements in a home:

  • Confident children that can understand she will give her space and time to get used to them
  • Other dogs are fine following successful meetings 

If you can offer this lovely girl her perfect forever home, please send an email to [email protected]



  • North London area
  • 8 years old 
  • Male, standard  
  • Black & tan, smooth 
  • Neutered
You may recall reading about Frankie’s journey with us, it’s been quite a journey!
This handsome slightly troubled boy was surrendered to us originally in 2022 for some biting incidents. He was moved to several homes that sadly didn’t work out until we thought that he needed some time out and some help. So he went for a stay at Pupcakes Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. Here they spent so much time working and helping him become the lovely boy that he always wanted to be. At Pupcakes he worked with Liz who was able to show him that his previous behaviour just wasn’t working for him and how to achieve his goals to live a life full of big walks and even bigger love and cuddles. 
He loves his walks and especially going out for group walks with other dogs and people. He will resource guard things from other dogs however, so a home without other dogs is necessary.
Frankie hasn’t bitten anyone since being with The Red Foundation and at Pupcakes Liz was happy to pick him up and give him cuddles (which he loves).
Frankie is now living in a lovely caring foster home, where we will continue to work with him, to learn more about him and when we feel he is ready we will start looking for his perfect home. We need to make sure that his next home is the right home; a home that can spend time training him, providing mental stimulation, lots of enrichment games and some scent work. Lots of things to keep him busy. 
Could you be his new forever home? Do you have a calm and relaxed home where Frankie has the time to settle, to get used to his new person or people and his new environment. Do you have the time to continue working on his lovely behaviours with the support of The Red Foundation behaviour team? Look at his home requirements below and let us know. 
There is no adoption fee for Frankie but instead we will be asking for a donation to help Frankie and other dogs like him. 
Requirements in a home for Frankie:
  • Quiet, calm home with minimal visitors 
  • Someone home a lot of the time with time to give to Frankie
  • No resident dogs but some outside doggy pals to get to know would be great
  • No cats
  • Dog savvy children over 13 years of age
Do you meet the above criteria and are you registered with us? If so, please send an email to [email protected]