Dogs in the South

Piggy & Slinky

  • Bonded Pair – Although they could be split
  • Somerset
  • Adoption Fee £550 as a pair or £300 as individual dogs


  • Black & Tan Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund
  • Age 4
  • Neutered


  • Silver Dapple Smooth Haired Mini Dachshund
  • Age 5
  • Neutered

Piggy is a happy little girl, she has never shown any aggression and loves fuss and affection. She is house trained and happy to be left for up to 4 hours. Piggy has had 3 mild seizures in her life. She is on no medication for these currently although you should be aware to keep an eye on this. 

Slinky is a loving little boy who loves his people.  He does suffer from anxiety and struggles with loud noises and a busy environment. 

Slinky is reactive to strangers entering the house and has bitten previously and on occasion when his anxiety levels are high he has redirected.  He is better with strangers away from home. 

Slinky is house trained, and happy to be left for up to 4 hours. 

Requirements in a home:

An experienced calm home

Minimal visitors

No children, cats or other dogs

The red foundation covers pre-existing conditions and will provide ongoing behavioural support.

To apply for Piggy & Slinky please email [email protected]


  • Dachshund cross (chihuahua)
  • 6 Years, 5 Months Old
  • Neutered
  • Norfolk
  • Adoption Fee £200

Hank is still looking for his forever home. He was surrendered to us last year as he was becoming too protective over his owners and reactive to people visiting the house, this resulted in him biting visitors a couple of times when it wasn’t managed.

Hank has been in his foster home in Norfolk since July last year where he has had ongoing work addressing his issues. He is coming along really well but introducing strangers into the home will still need to be managed. He really is ready to be settled into a home and with people he can call his own.  

Hank is a very loving cheeky chap, who is absolutely full of energy. He needs to expend that energy on daily walks and playtime. He is currently living in the country and has really taken to the rural way of life. He likes nothing more than nice long country, woodland, beach walks, having a play with some doggie pals and coming home to sit and cuddle with his people.

Requirements in a home:

  • a quiet, calm home with minimal visitors
  • no children
  • he could be an only dog as long as he socialised outside with doggy pals or he could live with one or more older, calmer dogs
  • no cats

If you have a calm but active lifestyle and are willing to put in some time to continue to work with Hank then please let us know as soon as possible by emailing [email protected]


  • Red Dachshund Terrier Cross
  • Age 2
  • Neutered
  • Eastbourne
  • Adoption Fee £300

Due to a change in circumstances Kaiser is not adjusting well. He has seen a lot of changes with a house move and new baby. He has become depressed and doesn’t want to be involved like he once was.  He has started to nip strangers which wasn’t previously an issue. 

 Kaiser loves his walks but does like to chase birds, leaves and small creatures.  He shakes a bit in the car but behaves nicely.  He is clean in the home.  He has been crate trained however this hasn’t been used in a while.  He is used to living alone. 

On lead he can be reactive and barks and pulls towards them through frustration,  and is fine with dogs off lead and dogs at daycare.

He can be left for up to 4 hours, but mostly up to 2.  He does like some background noise left on when he is left.

He has shown warnings when he has been scared and snapped on rare occasions and has guarded a high value chew once but immediately came away with a swap. 

Kaiser needs a calm home and thus no children under 16 will be considered.

His owners describe Kaiser as very loving and loyal with a sensitive side.  He needs someone who is understanding of his needs and when he needs his own space. He has a taste for broccoli and will play with it before eating it.  He loves to play fetch, have a belly rub and sleep under his blankets.

To apply for Kaiser please email [email protected]


  • Windsor
  • 2 years 3 months
  • Blue Dapple
  • Smooth Haired, Tweenie 
  • Neutered
  • Adoption Fee £350

Victor was imported from Hungary at 4 months old.  He has become very anxious and doesn’t like visitors, which is impacting his current owner’s work and family situation.  He is anxious on walks with people and some dogs.

He isn’t a great traveller and can sometimes get travel sick.  He is toilet trained however can be prone to the odd ‘glee wee.’  He is crate trained and sleeps in there at night.  He does not like cats.  He can become anxious around some dogs whilst others he will engage in play. He can be left up to 2 hours.

He has a tendency to resource guard food and chews and thus a home without children and visiting children is desired.

Requirements in a home for Victor:

  • Quiet, adult only home
  • Minimal vistors
  • Possibly a calm older dog
  • No cats

His owner describes him as friendly and playful with his family and very loving.  In the evening he loves to burrow under a cover and lie with you. 

If you are able to provide a quiet, calm, loving home with patience and are willing to settle him into your home and work on his anxieties, please email [email protected]

Darcy and Willow

  • West Sussex
  • Bonded Pair


  • Age 2
  • Female, standard
  • Smooth, black & tan
  • Not neutered


  • Age 2
  • Female, standard
  • Smooth, black & tan
  • Not neutered

Darcy and Willow are being rehomed as their owners are having to go back into the office for work and so they will be left for too long during the day.

Darcy is very confident playful girl, she likes to run off lead in a secure field and then get home to sit and look out of the window, she will bark at passers by occasionally but will stop when asked. She is good with other dogs and lives with four cats who she just likes to play with. She is toilet trained and great in the car.



Willow is a gentle girl who loves to sit with her owners for cuddles and kisses. Like her sister Darcy she can be barky but is easily managed. She gets on ok with the cats and can be left for 3-4 hours although she may bark when first left.

Both girls have been around visiting grandchildren of age 3+ years, they are absolutely fine whilst they are visiting but are also happy when they leave. For this reason we are asking for a child free home but visiting children with slow introductions is fine.  Both Darcy and Willow will need to be neutered as soon as they are settled and read in their new home. (The Red Foundation will pay for the spays along with the initial vet check.)

Requirements in a home:

  • Adult only
  • Could live with other dogs
  • Fine with cats but slow and gentle introductions

The adoption fee for both girls as a bonded pair is £850. To apply for Darcy and Willow please email [email protected]


  • Harpenden
  • 2 years 8 months
  • Male, miniature
  • Wirehaired, black & tan
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee £350

Barney is a lovely but very nervous boy. He is being rehomed due to his anxieties and hypervigilance, unfortunately in his current home with a young baby he is finding it very difficult to relax. He needs somewhere calm with not too many coming and goings.

Barney is fearful of dogs outside of the house and will bark when they come too close. He lives with another dachshund and likes to play but can sometimes get a little over excited, he can be mouthy when playing with his owners but has never been aggressive. He likes the quiet and will often go off to his bed for some alone time. He doesn’t mind being left and so can be left for up to 4 hours.

He is frightened of many things including vet appointments and bad weather but these are things that may improve if he is in a quieter home and with a little work to help him relax.  

Barney’s home requirements are as follows:

  • Adult only/ single person home
  • No children
  • Quiet, minimal visitors
  • No dogs or maybe a calm older dog
  • No cats

Barney needs a small quiet adult only home. Someone who is patient and willing to work on his anxieties and help him relax.

To apply for Barney please email [email protected]


  • Dorset
  • 3yrs 5mths
  • Female, red, smooth
  • Dachshund / Jack Russel 
  • Neutered
  • Adoption Fee £300

Coco is a loving, cuddly girl who is being rehomed due to many changes in her family’s circumstances. Since Coco joined the family in 2020, there has been a change in dynamic’s with two young children in the home, moving house into a bungalow and pet cats that Coco does not get on with. Coco wants to be in a home where she is able to get the attention she needs. 


When Coco joined the family, she was the baby and enjoyed all the attention, however since the two children joined the family. Coco is not always able to get the attention she needs when she wants it. Coco plays well with the toddler in the family, however they tend to wind each other up. The children will chase Coco but they do not understand that Coco needs space. Coco will steal the children’s food and this will upset them. This is why we feel Coco will be better in a home with children over the age of 12 who are able to give her the space she needs.

Coco will chase the pet cats, which is a game to her, but is scary for the cat. She has also been known to kill any mice brought into the home or garden by the cats which is why we feel Coco will be best in a home without cats or smaller pets.

Coco loves to go out on a walk and will often do out on 2 walks a day for roughly 30 minutes but enjoys a longer walk too. Coco walks well on and off lead although is occasionally scared if more than one dog approaches her. Coco gets on well with dogs that she knows, which is why we feel she would be ok with other calm dogs

Requirements in a home

  • Family or adults only
  • Children 16+
  • No cats or other smalls pets (i.e rodents or birds)
  • Other calm dogs can be considered 

If you feel you can offer Coco her forever home please send an email to [email protected]


  • Buckinghamshire
  • 7 years 3 months
  • Male, mini,
  • Smooth, shaded red.
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee

Milo is sadly having to be rehomed as his family are moving overseas for work and don’t feel it’s fair to put him through the stress of the move and a complete change in environment and lifestyle.

Milo likes his own space until he wants a cuddle, he loves short walks, sunbathing, loves burrowing under his blankets and is the perfect lap dog. He is house trained, can be left for up to 4 hours and as described by his owners, an amazingly warm, loving and obedient dog.

Milo has nipped in the past, when he escaped from the house and was picked up by one of the neighbours and although he is reactive when visitors come to the house, this has been managed and after a while he will settle down and be their best friend, as long as treats and strokes are involved.

Milo is an only dog and we feel he is happy being that way. When out on walks he may get reactive to bigger dogs, until he knows them. He doesn’t generally like being bothered by other dogs.

Requirements in a home:

  • Family with children 10+
  • Adult only
  • Only dog or possibly one calm older dog
  • No cats

If you feel that you have a calm, loving home with the time and patience to settle in little Milo, please email [email protected]