Dogs in the South


  • Dachshund cross (chihuahua)
  • 6 Years, 5 Months Old
  • Neutered
  • Norfolk
  • Adoption Fee £200

Hank is still looking for his forever home. He was surrendered to us last year as he was becoming too protective over his owners and reactive to people visiting the house, this resulted in him biting visitors a couple of times when it wasn’t managed.

Hank has been in his foster home in Norfolk since July last year where he has had ongoing work addressing his issues. He is coming along really well but introducing strangers into the home will still need to be managed. He really is ready to be settled into a home and with people he can call his own.  

Hank is a very loving cheeky chap, who is absolutely full of energy. He needs to expend that energy on daily walks and playtime. He is currently living in the country and has really taken to the rural way of life. He likes nothing more than nice long country, woodland, beach walks, having a play with some doggie pals and coming home to sit and cuddle with his people.

Requirements in a home:

  • a quiet, calm home with minimal visitors
  • no children
  • he could be an only dog as long as he socialised outside with doggy pals or he could live with one or more older, calmer dogs
  • no cats

If you have a calm but active lifestyle and are willing to put in some time to continue to work with Hank then please let us know as soon as possible by emailing [email protected]



  • 3yrs 8mths
  • Male, standard
  • Chocolate, smooth
  • Not neutered
  • Adoption fee is £450

Elvis is described by his owners as nervous but lovable. He is very relaxed in his familiar surroundings, with his people and absolutely loves his walks, he will walk forever if you let him. He has always been a bit anxious and he does suffer from separation anxiety.

Elvis has become more anxious since being around the owners 11 month old grandson, this causes him great anxiety and he has snapped a couple of times although not bitten. For this reason, we recommend him not being rehomed with young children but dog savvy kids over 12 years old should be fine.

Although Elvis has separation anxiety, he goes to doggie daycare and although he can get over excited with the other dogs, this is managed and he loves it there… no separation anxiety here but stresses after about 20 minutes when left alone at home so this would have to be worked on.

Elvis gets on well with other dogs although may bark initially when out walking, this will soon stop. He tends not to love dogs that are smaller than himself but gets on well with bigger dogs.

Elvis is a very fit and agile boy and will benefit from an active home where he can socialise with other dogs. He needs regular long walks followed by snuggles under his blankets. Elvis is house trained, loves a car journey but doesn’t like cats.

Requirements in a home:

  • Calm, active home, not too busy
  • Older children (12+ years old)
  • Someone who is home most of the time
  • Other dogs are fine (not smaller than him) but will need introductions
  • No cats

If you are interested in learning more about Elvis, please ensure you are registered with us and send an email to [email protected]


Winnie (B)

  • Boyton – Suffolk 
  • 5 years old
  • Female, standard  
  • Smooth coat – Red 
  • Neutered 

Winnie is being rehomed as she isn’t getting on with the other dogs in the home. She has become aggressive towards them. 

Winnie is described as very loving, however she can resource guard her owner against certain people but not everyone, she has bitten but in a situation that was not managed. She also guards her food. 

Winnie is fine in the car and is toilet trained. 

Requirements in a home are:

  • Quiet, adult only home 
  • No cats 
  • No other dogs
  • Time to work through Winnie’s issues  

Adoption fee for Winnie is £350.00. 

If you feel you can offer Winnie her forever home please email [email protected] 

Winnie (P)

  • 3 years old 
  • Female – Not Neutered 
  • Miniature Smooth Dachshund
  • Silver Dapple
  • Winnie’s adoption fee is £350.00

Winnie went down with IVDD on New Years Eve and was subsequently operated on. At the present time Winnie is not able to walk and is double incontinent. 

Winnie’s family feel she would be better suited to a quieter home, with a family who are able to offer her more time to help with her rehabilitation. 

Winnie’s owner describes her as a loving, kind and gentle little girl. She loves cuddles and lots of fuss. She currently lives with another dachshund and they get along very well. Winnie could therefore go to a home with another small calm dog. 

Winnie is crate trained and sleeps in a pen, she can be left for up to 4 hours but will need someone who is home most of the time as she is unable to control her bladder. Winnie travels well in the car.

The Red Foundation will cover the costs relating to Winnie’s IVDD. We can also help and support with dealing with IVDD. 

Winnie’s requirements in a new home:

  • Quiet and calm home 
  • Someone who is home most of the time
  • No cats 
  • No dogs or another small dog

If you  feel you are able to offer Winnie her best forever home please contact us at [email protected].



  • 6 years old
  • Female, mini
  • Shaded red, smooth
  • Neutered
  • Adoption Fee is £350

Frankie has become anxious around the family’s new-born baby and has tried to nibble at baby’s head and lunge at the baby. Frankie therefore needs a home without children; a home without the potential of having children would be perfect for Frankie.

Frankie is lively and playful, she loves a walk, a cuddle and a sleep on the sofa or on her bed.  She is currently an only dog but gets on well with other dogs whilst out walking so we feel she might enjoy a home with other doggie pals. She is ok in the car although she will bark at the windscreen wipers and if a train goes past! Like many of our dogs, she is afraid of loud noises such as fireworks.

Frankie is happy to be left for up to 4 hours.

Requirements in a home for Frankie:

  • Quiet, calm home
  • No young babies or children (dog savvy teenagers (14+ may be ok)
  • No cats

If you would like to learn more about Frankie please email [email protected]



  • 5 years 10 months
  • Female, standard
  • Chocolate & tan, smooth
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee for Bourbon is £250

Bourbon is being rehomed as sadly her fighting with the other dogs in the house has worsened over the past year and despite training, she has recently attacked one of the other female dogs quite badly. Bourbon is reactive to visitors (strangers) in the house and will try to nip at ankles if not managed but has never actually bitten. She is also very protective of her home and pack and she will bark at unknown sounds. Because of this we suggest a home without small children children 10+ years old to give her space.

Bourbon can be left for up to 4 hours when left with the other resident dogs but doesn’t like being left alone, she will howl and bark. Therefore as we are rehoming Bourbon as an only dog, she will need separation anxiety training and/ or a home where she is not left.

Bourbon is however a very affectionate girl who loves to snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy a cuddle. She loves her walks preferring quiet walks with plenty of space to pass, or an enclosed secure field to herself She likes to have her own space. Loves and feels safe in her crate, although does enjoy sleeping in her owners bed from time to time. She has a high prey drive and loves to go rummaging in the garden for tasty treats.

Bourbon can suffer from dry and sensitive skin and is fed a raw food diet, which helps with this. She is however toilet trained and can travel well in a car.

Her new home will need to be super special, somewhere quiet and without too many dogs outside on walks, a home without too much noise or too many visitors would be perfect. And of course with someone who, with the support of our behaviour team, is willing and has the time and patience to work through Bourbons behaviour issues, 

Requirements in a home:

  • Quiet, calm home
  • Minimal visitors
  • Children 10+ years old
  • No dogs
  • No cats

If you are interested in Bourbon, please email [email protected]



  • 8 yrs 11 mths
  • Male, mini
  • Smooth, shaded red
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee is £200

Toffee is a loving dog who will attach himself to one main person and can be protective when that person is around. 

Toffee is being rehomed as he is such an anxious little boy and reactive to visitors in the home. He has snapped at visitors to the house and bitten on two occasions. Now that the owners have a young child they have made the very difficult decision to find him a home which is more suited to his needs. 

Toffee would benefit from an adult only, calmer and quieter home, with less people and less stress. A home that can spend time helping him, providing lots of mental and physical stimulation and lots of love. His new home must be patient, giving him time to settle in as building a bond with Toffee may take time as he is a sensitive and nervous little dog. His new home will have the support of our behaviour team helping him settle in and going forward.

Toffee currently lives with another dog and loves meeting doggy pals outside of the house to play. Toffee can be left for up to 4 hours, he is normally left with the other resident dog and happily left in his bed with the music on but this may be different whilst settling into a new home. He is house trained but can have a few accidents in the house when not managed. He is fine on a car journey.

Requirements in a home:

  • calm, quiet, adult only home (1 or 2 adults)
  • Minimal visitors
  • no children
  • Unsure of cats
  • Someone who is willing to provide Toffee with a loving, calm and peaceful home, will work through his anxieties and let him live his older years as the stress free happy boy he so wants and deserves to be.

Please email [email protected] to express an interest in adopting Toffee.


  • Felixstowe
  • 2 years 2 months
  • Male, standard (7kg)
  • Black & Tan, smooth
  • Neutered
  • Adoption Fee is £350

Dashing Dasher is a very loving affectionate boy who just loves to be as close to his people as he can and loves to play catch with his toys. 

Dasher is being rehomed as his owners are struggling to give him the care that he needs. With a young family and busy life they feel they are letting him down with not enough time to walk him. 

Dasher lives with small children and is fine but his owner feels they can be a bit rough with him, which he doesn’t always like so we feel children who are a bit older and know when to give a dog space would be better. 

He currently lives with another older dog and they get on well and he is also good with other dogs outside of the house although can bark when he’s on the lead. A home with other dogs would be good for Dasher to have some little playmates or some friends outside of the home. 

Dasher doesn’t like cats. He is house trained, okay in the car although can complain to start with. He can be left for up to 4 hours, will bark to start with but soon settles.

Dasher needs a home with someone who has time to give to him, lots of lovely walks and play time with his toys and of course lots of cuddles on the sofa.

Requirements in a home:

  • Calm and active home with time for walks and play 
  • Dog savvy children (10+) 
  • No cats

If you think you could offer Dasher his perfect home, please email [email protected]


Django and Nala – bonded pair


Adoption fee for Django and Nala is £650

Django and Nala are a bonded pair who are being rehomed as unfortunately Django bit the owners 22 month old child when the child accidently pressed down on his belly. This has never happened before as Django is not an aggressive dog however as the family are expecting another baby shortly, they feel they can’t risk it happening again.


  • 3 years old
  • Male, standard, red, smooth
  • Neutered

Django is described by his owner as a good dog who can be playful and loves his walks with his sister Nala. Django gets on well with other dogs, especially his sister, he is housetrained and can be left for up to 4 hours. He does not like cats.


  • 3 years old
  • Female, standard, red, smooth
  • Neutered

Nala is a shy nervous dog at first but she’s full of love and cheekiness and has a sweet personality once she gets to know you. 

Nala doesn’t really like other dogs and will bark when she sees them whilst out walking. For this reason, we feel a home without other dogs would be ideal. Nala is housetrained and can be left for up to 4 hours, she is okay in the car but can get a little nervous. She does not like cats.

Requirements in a home for Django and Nala

  • Adult only
  • No young children (dog savvy 14+ who will give them space)
  • No other dogs
  • No cats
  • Gentle walks 

To find out more about Django and Nala please email [email protected]


  • Taunton
  • 8 months old
  • Male, miniature
  • Chocolate, smooth
  • Not neutered
  • Adoption fee is £500

Harry is a lovely little chocolate pup who was given to a friend to look after when his owners couldn’t cope when their family circumstances changed. Unfortunately this person is not able to keep him.

He is sweet and loving. Loves to cuddle and has to be touching you when he is resting. He is lovely with children, although will jump up to lick them. He is great with people but not so much dogs although once he gets used to the dog he is fine. He is currently living with his brother Larry but they are being rehomed separately.  He also lives with another dog who he tolerates but he will react to other dogs and will try to nip so will need some training to show how to behave.

We feel he would love to be an only dog or maybe an older calmer dog to teach him how to behave.

He is toilet trained although will still need encouragement to go outside. He is crate trained and doesn’t like cats. He doesn’t mind a car journey.

Harry hasn’t had any proper puppy training so given his age, he will need a home who is willing to spend time continuing to socialise and teach him good behaviours going forward.

Requirements in a home:

  • Family or adult only home
  • Children age 5+
  • No other dogs or maybe an older calmer dog may work
  • No cats

If you would like to express an interest in Harry, please email [email protected] 

Larry – potential home found

  • Taunton
  • 8 months old
  • Male, miniature
  • Shaded red, smooth
  • Not neutered
  • Adoption fee is £500

Larry is a lovely little shaded red pup who was given to a friend to look after when his owners couldn’t cope when their family circumstances changed.

He is loving and likes to cuddle. He is sweet and wants all the attention for himself.

He lives with his brother and one other dog who he gets on fine with, he can react to other dogs but will calm down and likes to play. Although he is nervous when meeting other dogs, he does like to play once he gets to know them so we feel a home with another dog would be beneficial to Larry.

He has been doing really well with his toilet training but given his age and settling into a new home this will probably need more work. He will also need help to stop puppy nipping and chewing.

 He is crate trained and can be left for up to 2 hours, he may whine a bit but is generally ok. Larry doesn’t like cats. Larry doesn’t mind a car journey.

Larry hasn’t had any proper puppy training so given his age, he will need a home who is willing to spend time continuing to socialise and teach him good behaviours going forward.

Requirements in a home:

  • Family,  or adult only home
  • Children age 5+
  • No cats

If you would like to express an interest in Harry, please email [email protected] 

Luna and Milo – Bonded Pair

Luna and Milo are a bonded pair who are currently living in Bracknell.

They are being rehomed due to several changes in their owners circumstances, which have meant that the dogs aren’t getting the care and attention that they need. Their owner feels they would be better in a more settled environment.


  •       Dachshund / Chihuahua cross
  •       18 months
  •       Female, black & tan smooth
  •       Neutered

Luna is overall a very happy little dog, she has a lot of energy but also loves to to be cuddled and sleep on someone’s lap.

Luna is house trained although doesn’t like to go out in the rain. She travels well in the car and loves her walks although unfortunately due to her owner’s situation she is not being walked too often. She lives with her brother Milo who she adores and she is also fine with other dogs outside of the house. Luna can be left for up to 4 hours.


  •       Dachshund / Chihuahua cross
  •       18 months
  •       Male, Red, smooth
  •       Neutered

Milo is also described as a very happy dog with lots of energy and bundles of love and kisses to give to those he trusts and loves.

Like his sister, Milo is house trained (but doesn’t like the rain), he travels well in the car and would love to be walked more often. He is also happy to be left for up to 4 hours.

Luna and Milo live with three cats and they both get along with two of them but the third cat is very nervous and really doesn’t like the dogs. We feel a house with dog savvy cats would work.

Requirements in a home:

  •       Family or adult only home (children 10+)
  •       A home where someone is home a lot of the time
  •       Older, calmer dogs would need to meet beforehand
  •       Cats who are dog savvy and would need to be tested
  •       The adoption fee for Luna and Milo is £650

If you would like to be considered for Luna and Milo please email [email protected]


  • Ralphie – Essex
  • Daxie-jack
  • Black and tan 
  • 4 years
  • Neutered

Further to our appeal for an urgent foster home earlier this week, Ralphie is now in a short term home. As such we are looking for a forever home for him.

Ralphie is a very sweet cuddly little boy, he adores his people and is a very loving little boy. He can get excitable at times and will need a home who is able to contain this and give him both the physical and mental stimulation he needs. 

Ralphie has been fighting with other dogs in the home, most probably due to guarding, the fights are serious and as such we will not consider a home with another resident dog or visiting dog.

Ralphie can suffer with anxiety and this is often directed at visitors to the home. He has a tendency to guard his home and those he loves and does have the potential and history of bites. This will need to be managed very carefully both to avoid causing Ralphie unnecessary stress and to avoid incidents with visitors. 

Ralphie’s anxieties extend to being left alone. He will need a home where someone is able to be around all the time. 

Any home will need to be aware that all people in the home will need to take responsibility for Ralphie’s care to avoid him  becoming too attached to one person and guarding them from other family members. If he has equal input from the household this does not appear to be a problem and he accepts everyone. 

Requirements in a home:


If you feel you can give ralphie is forever home please email [email protected]