Owning A Dachshund

So what’s it like owning a dachshund?

Well where do we start! Dachshunds are a superb breed but they do come with their negatives and we feel it’s only fair to list some of the problems people have had with Dachshunds first, so that you can have all the information before considering owning a Dachshund.

  1. They do have a high chance of an expensive back surgery / paralysis at any time in life.
  2. They can be very noisy and many suffer with separation anxiety.
  3. A general consensus is that they are difficult to house train and will never be 100% house trained.
  4. They can get fat very easily as they love food, but them being overweight gives them a higher chance of a back problem and can be hard to control.
  5. They can be a bit selective about other dogs they like or do not like – they generally don’t mind other dachshunds though.

But then again they also have their positives!

  1. They are GORGEOUS!
  2. They are very loyal to their owner (feeder)
  3. They can be very human friendly to take around with you to the local pub!
  4. They can be great with children, cats and other dogs!
  5. They are trainable in the right hands and wonderful at quirky little tricks!