Dogs in the Midlands


  • Standard Dachshund 
  • Black & Tan 
  • 6 years old 
  • Neutered

Why was Frankie surrendered? Frankie was resource guarding his home and was displaying bullying behaviour towards the miniature dachshund he was living with. Frankie had also bitten, however we are unsure of the circumstances which lead to the biting. We placed Frankie in a foster home, however he lunged at a stranger causing distress to the fosterer who was concerned he may bite. 

Pupcake Rescue and Rehabilitation; To provide Frankie with the tools which he needs to be happy and adjusted in his new home we sent him to Pupcakes Rescue and Rehabilitation. Pupcakes offer residential training for dogs. Being residential means the dogs they are training are exposed to many different situations, this helps provide a clearer understanding of Frankie and his needs. 

Personality;  Frankie is a fun animated chap who has grown very self employed over the years. When Frankie arrived at Pupcakes he was very over excited and easily over aroused. Putting on the lead or coming home to him all cause him to get very excited and as a result he jumps and nips. We don’t believe this is in an aggressive way at all but his bite inability is low because of it and it’s most likely a learned attention seeking behaviour that he’s done for years.Frankie has a real lack of motivation. He has not displayed any real food or toy drive at Pupcakes meaning keeping his focus is very difficult especially when he’s learned just to get on with it himself and not really work with his caregivers.  When off the lead he is completely self sufficient and absolutely oblivious to a human caregiver attempting to interact with him. It is a bit easier to keep his focus when on lead but still distracted with no real duration focus. Pupcakes have worked hard with lots of engagement games; working for his meals etc to teach him that people are really interesting in an attempt to install some basic obedience but this will need continued work in a new home. His caregivers will need to work on focus, drive and be animated with Frankie as well as being able to deter the over excited/over arousal nipping. Frankie can be vocal and (again) over excited on the lead.  There may have been a degree of redirection when on the lead although Pupcakes have not overly seen this behaviour. Pupcakes are currently working on teaching Frankie a “let’s go” command to redirect his focus when  over-aroused outside. 

Frankie’s New Home; After the initial transition into a new home, Frankie would benefit highly from basic training classes with his new owner, to help create a routine and cement a bond. His mental stimulation can then be expelled in a controlled environment and structured timeframe so that he does not get over aroused. He absolutely needs a confident handler with a hands off approach at first, to build trust with and make a positive association with day to day handling and activities. Frankie takes a lot of confidence from his handler. 

Other Dogs; Frankie is not outwardly dog aggressive but is reactive on the lead. He doesn’t really know how to play with dogs but enjoys their company on his terms. He can guard his food items against dogs and also things he deems his. Coupled with his over excitement and arousal we feel he would be best suited to a dog free home.

Children; No children under 13 years of age, visiting or resident due to Frankie’s over arousal. His early body language prior to establishing correction would be difficult for a child to recognise. 

Requirements in a new home;

  • Frankie’s new owners will need to have time to take Frankie to training classes, we will cover the cost of the classes
  • Resident and visiting children over 13 years of age 
  • No cats 
  • No dogs 
  • We will not be charging an adoption fee for Frankie but would like a donation to be made.
  • We offer behavioural support which can be virtual or face to face 
  • You will need to meet Frankie as least once before taking him home. 

If you are interested in adopting Frankie please contact Leanne at [email protected]


  • Daxie-jack
  • Black and tan 
  • 4 years 3 months 
  • Neutered

Ralphie is currently at Pupcakes Rescue and Rehabilitation. Pupcakes offer residential training for dogs where they are exposed to many different situations, they help provide a clearer understanding of their needs of dogs. Ralphie has come on leaps and bounds during his time at Pupcakes, the staff there have absolutely fallen in love with him but feel that he is now ready and so deserves to be with his forever family.

Ralphie is a very sweet cuddly little boy, he adores his people and is a very loving little boy. He can get excitable at times and will need a home who is able to contain this and give him both the physical and mental stimulation he needs. He has been in a foster home and they have seen no aggression from him at all and absolutely adore him, however unfortunately working arrangements and his separation anxiety mean they are unable to keep him. 

Ralphie has fought with other dogs in his previous home, most probably due to guarding, the fights were serious and as such we will not consider a home with another resident dog or visiting dog.

Ralphie can suffer with anxiety and this is often directed at visitors to the home. He has a tendency to guard his home and those he loves and if not managed correctly and allowed to escalate there is a potential to bite, which has happened previously. This will need to be managed very carefully both to avoid causing Ralphie unnecessary stress and to avoid incidents with visitors. 

Ralphie’s anxieties extend to being left alone. He will need a home where someone is able to be around all the time. 

Any home will need to be aware that all people in the home will need to take responsibility for Ralphie’s care to avoid him becoming too attached to one person and guarding them from other family members. If he has equal input from the household this does not appear to be a problem and he accepts everyone. 

Requirements in a home:

  • No dogs, cats or other small animals
  • No children under 16 years old
  • Calm, patient home with someone home all the time
  • Someone experienced with resource guarding and reactivity and willing to continue his training 

If you feel you can give Ralphie his forever home please email [email protected]