Margot was surrendered to The Red Foundation in June 2022 at 14 months old extremely poorly.. She was experiencing frequent seizures, her sight was severely affected and her mobility was significantly reduced, she also had the distinctive cone shaped head that indicated hydrocephalus was the cause.  

Margot was placed in a foster home where investigations commenced into exactly what was going on.  Margot attended North Downs Referrals where it was confirmed that she did indeed have hydrocephalus and would require an operation to fit a shunt.  Margot underwent surgery in October 2022 which was successful and she returned to her foster home for recovery.

Six months on Margot is doing extremely well.  There has been an improvement in her sight and mobility although she is still suffering from seizures.  Margot has regular checkups and will remain on medication for life which The Red Foundation will cover the costs for.

Margot lives with her fur brothers and sisters and her doting mum where she will stay permanently.  Her personality has shone through now she is feeling better.

She is small but mighty and has the whole family wrapped around her paws, living the life of the princess she truly believes she is,  with the outfits to prove it.

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