It all started with a group of dachshund lovers pulling together to raise money for a little girl called red on gumtree.
Fast forward 4 years later, we have rehomed over 500 Dachshunds, given behaviour advice to hundreds of owners, rehabilitated over 30 IVDD sufferers, continue to provide lifetime medical expense support for over 150 dogs and became a registered charity !
Thank you to the original group of that raised money for Red (now Luna) and helped found The Red Foundation.
To all our supporters who donate and create awareness for us – please give yourselves a pat on the back, without you guys we would not be able to continue;
To all owners who have entrusted us with rehoming their beloved Dachshunds, thank you for believing in and trusting us.
To our adopters thank you for taking up the challenge and for always being open to learning and to our daxies, the most loveable, stubborn, loudest breed by far, we do it for you !
Its been an awesome 4 years.
Pics 1 and 2 are of the original advert and 3 and 4 of Luna now.