A bit about Red who was surrendered to us in 2022 from his new mum Elizabeth

Red came from a house of 12 dogs, had never been on a walk, had barely left the house and had no medical history. Red desperately needed 9 teeth removing and had repeat vet visits in his first few months to treat skin conditions and urine infections/attempts to diagnose blood in his urine. The Red Foundation also supported his training and behavioural issues (reactive/fear aggression) so provided their own time and funded a local behaviourist. 

Because these are pre existing conditions they are not covered by insurance so The Red Foundation have supported the ongoing costs of his skin issues and the blood in his urine. 

Red also had his vaccinations and is still due his neutering which will happen once his behavioural issues are resolved. 

The costs incurred so far have far exceeded the adoption fee we paid, so we know first hand that the donations you make by sponsoring a dog is crucial to funding the amazing work The Red Foundation do.

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