Dogs in Wales


  • Black & Tan Smooth Haired Small Standard Dachshund
  • 3 Years Old
  • Not Neutered
  • Wrexham
  • Adoption Fee £450

Bagel loves a snuggle with the family, will happily sit on your knee for strokes, she is house trained and happy to be left for up to four hours with the radio on. Bagel does suffer from anxieties outside of the house and will react to loud noises, cars, people and other dogs by barking and lunging, as such she is currently exercised in an enclosed field. The red foundation will provide ongoing support to any home who adopts Bagel to assist in managing and reducing these anxieties. 

Bagel currently lives with two other dogs, she has fought with one of the dogs and because of this we feel she would benefit from being an only dog. 

Bagel does live with children however as Bagel can be reactive to visitors to the home it is thought older children would be better. 

Bagel’s home requirements are as follows:

  • Children 14+
  • Quiet, minimal visitors 
  • No dogs
  • No cats

Bagel needs a quiet  home. Someone who is patient and with the support of our behaviour team is willing to put in the work to help with her anxiety outside of the house and to visitors inside.  

To apply for Bagel please email [email protected]

Coco and Nell (bonded pair)

  • Carmarthen, Wales
  • 6 years old
  • Female, mini’s
  • Coco is chocolate smooth, neutered
  • Nell is black and tan smooth, not neutered
  • Adoption fee for both dogs is £450

Coco and Nell are two sisters who have always been together. They are bonded and are looking for an amazing forever home where they can stay together and get the attention that they both need. Sadly their owner is struggling to cope and feels they deserve so much more than she is currently able to give.

Unfortunately Nell came down with Grade 5 IVDD in December 2022, she is paralysed and double incontinent although will let you know when she needs to go out. Any home will have to be comfortable in managing this. She really likes her physio sessions and this will need to be continued.  

Coco and Nell are both very loving girls, they love to snuggle together under the blankets and get belly rubs from their owner. Like most dachshunds they love lying in the sun they also don’t mind going out in the rain and will happily go outside to toilet.

They are fine with other dogs but currently don’t live with any other dogs. They haven’t really been around any cats so unsure. They have been around small babies and children but possibly a home with older would be preferred to give the girls space. 

These girls need a super special home, a calm home with someone who has the time and patience to work on settling them in and working on Nell’s recovery.  The Red Foundation are able to advise and provide support in relation to the IVDD, as well as cover all ongoing costs relating to IVDD until such a time she can be insured or similar.

If you can help with providing these girls their new forever home, please email [email protected] 



  • 5 yrs 8 mths
  • Male, standard
  • Wirehaired, wild boar
  • Not neutered
  • Adoption fee is £350

Hudson is still looking for his forever home. As you can see from his photo, he’s a very handsome boy and he’s also very sweet and loves cuddles on the sofa and long walks with the people that he knows. He is being rehomed due to no fault of his own but a sad change in his family’s situation means they have to move and can’t take him with them. 

Hudson does have some behavioural issues; he is reactive to other dogs whilst out on walks so best to walk in quiet areas with few people and dogs. He is also reactive towards the other dogs in his home and one in particular he has attacked and is now often having to be kept separate from them. For this reason he will need to go to a home as an only dog.

Hudson is frightened of strangers and takes a while to get to know people so a calm home without too many visitors would be best, along with slow and gentle introductions to ensure he settles in well.

Hudson hasn’t really been around children so we feel a home with calm slightly older children who can give him space would be best.

Requirements in a home:

  • adult only preferred or dog savvy older children 14+
  • calm home in quiet area with minimal visitors
  • No dogs 
  • No cats

If you feel you can give handsome Hudson his new forever home, please email [email protected]



  • 2 years 10 months
  • Male, miniature
  • Black & silver dapple, smooth coat
  • Neutered
  • Adoption fee for Victor is £350

Victor was imported from Hungary at 4 months old. He is an energetic, playful and loving dog to those people that he knows.  He loves quiet walks and to burrow under a blanket next to his people. 

He was originally rehomed due to his anxieties, which became unmanageable living with a busy family with children. He has since been in two quieter adult only homes but, as working people they both felt that he needed a home with more time to give him the attention that he needs.  

Victor will resource guard food and chews and can be protective of his home and his people. If not managed correctly he has a potential to bite, as has happened in his last two homes but never in his original home. In his latest home Victor has been wary of the man in the house however given time and effort this could change. Due to his resource guarding a home without children and visiting children is essential.

He can be anxious on walks and reactive to meeting new people as well as some dogs, whilst others he will engage in play. Victor has lived with other dogs in his last two homes and they have got on well. He loves to play but perhaps an older, calmer dog who could teach him some manners would be beneficial. 

He is toilet trained, crate trained and can be left for up to two hours. He  doesn’t like cats. 

Requirements in a home for Victor:

  • Quiet, adult only home (dog savvy children age 16+)
  • Minimal visitors
  • He has lived with dogs in his two foster homes and they have got on well
  • No cats

If you are able to provide a quiet, calm, loving home, if you have patience and are willing to commit to settling him into your home and working on his behaviours, please email [email protected]