Oi, oi. My name is cantankerous ol’ ***! Although I’m pretty sure I get called fudgeywudgey too. I’m about 11 or 12 no-one told me. I was also told I was a longhaired black dachshund….I’ll leave that there!

I have IVDD which was not treated properly and recurrent skin issues. I also tried to give my mum a breakdown when I arrived with her as I barked at everything.

When I first arrived my mum cried as she read my vet notes from my past and all over them they had recommended I should take the long sleep. Thankfully a kind person reached out to The Red Foundation and a home was found for me. Sadly that didn’t work out. Anyhow I had ear infections, sores on my legs from dragging and my you know what wouldn’t go back into its house so that had sores on it too. 

When I arrived with my mum I was very grumpy thus my nickname but mum did say she could understand why.

The Red Foundation paid for a referral to neurology to check me over and advised some very undignified management and cleaning protocols for my whatsit. It’s easy to say me and mum didn’t like this much!

That was resolved by an acupuncture vet who pressed a button on my tummy and it has stayed in its house ever since!

I am showing some movement in my back legs and do try to stand but my toes curl over so this gets in the way. But I love my wheels and you’ve never seen a dog handbrake turn at speed like I do.

My barking is much better, we think I have a thing called dementia and I really don’t like banging doors but I’m much more relaxed now.

I love having cuddles, a swim and a soak in a bubble bath.

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