Need to rehome / surrender your Dachshund?

We appreciate you’ve met this page for surrendering or rehoming your Dachshund on a sad situation and are here to help with sympathy for your situation and understanding.

We feel it’s best you pop our admin Helen a call in this situation so we can fully appreciate your situation and the dachshunds needs.

Our number is: 08445873364 which is 08445TRFDOG

We do not discriminate on age, crossbreeds, size or health – we will help any Dachshunds in need, but we will require you to surrender the Dachshund to our services.

We are an extremely experienced team and will find the best possible home for your Dachshund. At present we have over 600 awaiting homes on our applications list and vet them all intensely before rehoming.

Please contact Helen Mellor on: