New Admin Announcement #TeamWire

Michelle Louise Newman has joined our experienced team and will be heading up #TeamWire as we like to call it. We’ve noticed that people who are interested in adopting a Wire Dachshund like to let us know and since we’ve had quite a few surrenders and emergencies coming our way, we thought what better than to have an experienced wire owner and rescuer heading up that part of our team.

Michelle Louise Newman Bio
– Crazy dog lady and dachshund mother of 3
– Part of the home checker network for multiple charities
– Job Role: Dog walker and home boarder
– TRF Role: Wire Hair Dachshunds Admin
– Owner of Perry – Mini smooth, Pablo – Spanish rescue, Standard wire, Rowan – Scottish rescue, Standard wire, Grandville – Cocker spaniel, Riley – Springer X Poodle.

Michelle will be dealing with Wire Dachshund adoption and surrender enquiries, as well as investigating inappropriate or worrying adverts on the internet.
You can contact Michelle via our email we ask that you FAO the email for her attention if your enquiry is Wire related. 

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