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The Red Foundation - Emergency Dachshund Rescue UK

Julie Austin is the person who kindly donated one of her drawings to our auction.

Below is her story that she shared with Dedicated to Dachshunds with IVDD after her girl Bella had to undergo her second operation.

Our breed is so susceptible to health issues with their backs that insurance is so important. The last thing you need when faced with your wee one having to undergo an operation is the worry of how it is going to be paid for.

Bella is through the first vital 48 hours after her operation and I'm sure you'll join the TRF team in sending her and her family our well wishes. Many Thanks to Julie Austin for allowing us to share. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to Beautiful Bella....
Some of you will now know that my Bella has gone down with IVDD for a second time. I thank you for all the good wishes and for those posts that I haven’t felt able to do myself. She had emergency surgery on Friday night at Leahurst and she’s doing okay.

This is a post for those who join the group to find out about IVDD and are doing research about their breed. Bella is not insured. Although I have had Dachshunds all my life I didn’t really know about IVDD until it happened to Bella the first time 20 months ago. I have for many years saved £50 per month to cover any big Vet bills and I had enough to cover the £5000 required. After such surgery it’s not possible to get insurance, it’s an existing condition. Over the last 20 months I have doubled my savings as you can imagine but I never really believed it would happen again. They have told me that none of Bellas discs are normal.
Not everyone is able to find such a big sum of money and some dogs will die without surgery, the reality is that Dachshunds get put to sleep because their distraught owners cannot pay the medical bills.

So my message is this, don’t delay, insure your puppy for a good lifetime cover for no less than £7000 per year and if you have a healthy dog that isn’t a puppy, get on the phone today. Don’t risk their lives.

This photo was taken two days before she went off her legs again. It happens very quick. The best recoveries are when owners know what’s happening and act fast. So do research and know the signs.
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Another lovely forever home story... Here is Josie and Bo's gotcha story by their new family

"After losing our dear lil' miniature daxie, Freddie after 14years, our lives & home were not the same. We decided that if we were to have another dog it would, without doubt be a rescue daxie. I received an outpouring of kind messages from the daxie facebook group after losing Fred. Although it was very hard to see other sausages I remained a member & we are so pleased I did! It was here that I saw The Red Foundation & read about how it all started & the amazing work they do. It was then that we decided to complete an application form. A few days later when I received Hayley's text of a potential matchb and she had emailed me the info. I was in a conference in London & my mind was so busy in work, when I initially read the text I thought I'd been matched on a dating site! I have been married for 16years so you can imagine my shock! Once I'd stopped & read Hayley's email & found we had in fact been matched to two daxie girls!
Our middle aged girls had fortunately been cared for beautifully & her selfless owner had made the toughest decision to rehome them. The decision she made & responsibility we have to love & care them is not underestimated.
We recieve 100 times more love back everyday as they have settled in beautifully. Most of the time they can be found unconscious upside down on the sofa or in front of the fire. They rule the house & all our plans revolve around the girls. Thank you so much to The Red Foundation for matching us with our little girls, we are very grateful. You have made our house a happier one, once again."
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We have sold over 200 packs of Christmas cards! Thank you for all your orders we hope you enjoy the cards. There is still time to order your Christmas cards and gift bags 🙂 batch of Christmas cards and bags being dispatched today from TRF HQ! Thanks everyone for your orders, there is still time to get your christmas card order in. We have added Dachshund Christmas gift bags to our e-shop too!
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****** Sonny Update!********

Sonny is in his new foster home doing amazing. We had the full test results back and Final muscle biopsy result were suggestive of inflammatory and necrotising myopathy. This result rules out congenital dystrophies, which is very good news. Sonny will be on a trial of steroid for 4 weeks to see how he responds but prognosis at this stage is unclear but much more promising than the possibility of muscular dystrophy. Thank you again for all your donations and support for this little boy!
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