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REUNITED. Mabel was found this morning, a little bit smelly but very excited to see her family. She must have gotten quite a friend when you see how far she ran.

Please share. Mabel is 7 months old and got spooked earlier today on a walk near Outlane Golf Course in Huddersfield.

She is a silver dapple and was wearing her collar when she went missing.
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Who has a space on their sofa for our golden oldie Hollie who is 10.
Please only apply if you meet her wish list

Used to older children but is ideally suited to an adult only family
Calm older small dogs none that are unneutered /spayed
Can occasionally resource guard toys
Hertfordshire area so 2 meets needed
Likes her space
Not cat tested

Please contact the page and ensure you are registered on our database
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Flash Sale of Unsold Auction Items
Details of each item on the pictures where you can also place your bids. Sale closes tomorrow night (Sunday 24th March 2019) at 8pm and highest bidder wins!
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****UPDATE ****
Thanks so much everyone for all your help we have found someone via recommendation from you lovely lot and they are helping for half the price. We will use funds from our recent auction and will update soon on this little girl when she has been assessed

Do any of our lovely followers have contacts in pet transport for an urgent transport request to go sunday for a daxie that has been mistreated would be from foster home Barnsley to Somerset quotes so far are around £500! This girl is very shut down so we can't really look at road trains
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Update - cherry has her new home pending homecheck thanks everyone for your interest
***** ADOPTION ALERT *****
We are looking for a new forever home for the lovely Cherry. Cherry is 4 1/2
Cherrys wish list is as follows

No children under 16 as she is scared of young children
Other daxies are fine but must be neutered /spayed
No big dogs
No cats
Must be able to meet this weekend with a view to adopt soon after
Located in Herts

If you match Cherrys wish list please contact the page and ensure you are registered on our database.
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