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It's been several weeks now since PJ travelled to the Isle of Man to start his new life with Peter and Lynne Corlett, and he's settled in very well.

PJ's original owner changed job and he wasn't coping well with being left for longer periods during the day. She therefore made the selfless decision to find him a new family. He was originally posted on gumtree but when his owner found out about The Red Foundation, she asked us to help. PJ is certainly very pleased that she did as he is loving island life and looking forward to Christmas in his new home.
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We are overwhelmingly pleased to let you know... BUDDY IS GOING HOME!

His family have successfully managed to raise enough to pay off their vet bill and have managed to satisfy us that the aftercare/future ivdd fund will be there! Buddy’s family will complete adoption paperwork and collect him from Leanne on Sunday ❤️

We are so tremendously grateful to Leanne for stepping up and not only taking Bela but Buddy too in his hour of need! He has now been signed off by the Vet and is very nearly as good as new, you’d never know he was an ivdd dog except for his scar, clever little chap getting so well so fast!

We would also like to thank Moorview Vets for their exceptional care and understanding of this unusual situation, without them, Buddy would not be going home - let alone going home running! They are definitely worth the drive if ever you find yourself in this heartbreaking situation - I wouldn’t go anywhere else for specialist treatment! Also Charlotte Baldwin of the IVDD group for the shoulders to cry on, advice when in dispair and of course for their strollers so our pups can get out into the fresh air! We really are truly blessed with some wonderful people in our breed! ❤️ Please join me in wishing Buddy and family all the very best
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Bela has made a tiny bit of improvement in that she is willing to stand for a little longer, no more improvement with continence issues but the physio is very encouraged and wants to start hydrotherapy in Jan! This is huge news and will help her poor muscle tone on her back legs and make her stronger! Slowly, slowly catchy monkey!

Buddy, where to start with him! Little bugger is virtually “normal” and difficult to keep quiet! He is walking practically perfectly and his muscle tone is spot on but his right hip is a little stiff, he loved his massage and physio and was going to sleep! He can also start to have 3/4minutes on lead in the garden to do some walking in circles to help his hip!

We think everything’s gonna be alriiiight 😍

Credit for photo cherrypiethedoxie
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One of the dachshunds mentioned has now got a home pending arranged meetings moving forward - The other dog has now shown he would better in a no other dog home, but can happily have dogs coming and going. So if you have the following please message!

Morning all, Lenny here!

Can you please help me... We've had so many surrenders at the moment I need to speed up the process on one.

We've had ONE Long hair neutered male:

- PART TIME WORKERS MAY BE OK (No longer than 3 hours per day)

Thank you!!!
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