At The Red Foundation – Emergency Dachshund Rescue UK we do not allow any dog to go into Kennels even if it means taking them under our admin roofs short term. We do this by having a strong list of foster homes throughout the UK where the dogs can go short or long term until they are ready for adoption.

Fostering can be a great option for those who are experienced in the breed but can not commit financially to another dog at this time. All of the vet fees are covered by The Red Foundation.

We appreciate having as many fosterers on our database as possible and you can apply by filling in our adoption/foster form, but we do ask you to think about the following important points before putting yourself forward.

  1. Unless the dog is on medicated food you will be asked to cover their daily food and to provide them with a decent food type.
  2. We can not give you a length of time that the dog will be with you for – We do not want to adopt dogs out, until they are ready so we will continue to ask you for daily updates but will not advertise the dog to our database until we feel the dog is ready to be adopted, which could be any length of time from a few days to a year…
  3. …although – sometimes a short term emergency foster is needed, we will make this clear when speaking to you.
  4. You will need to be home-checked and provide I.D and proof of address to foster for us.
  5. You will need to be someone who does not work full time – All of our foster dogs will need assessing which means they will need someone with them as close to 24/7 as reasonably possible.
  6. You may be asked to care for a dog that needs medical attention daily including medical treatments (trips to the vets) and prescription drugs. It will be your responsibility to transport the dog safely to and from the vet when needed.
  7. We need you to appreciate that the dogs will not have been assessed prior to you fostering, so it will be your job to assess and understand their behaviour. This may mean they have some negative behaviours when coming to you.
  8. The dogs will need time to settle and with that in mind they could have any types of bad behaviour from urinating indoors, chewing furnishing, snapping and more. We can not say a guaranteed yes or no to these behaviours when it comes to fostering as you will be their first ever assessment under TRF. So you will need to be patient and understanding of these behaviours.
  9. You must be happy with people coming to meet the dog at your property – with reasonable notice of course.
  10. If the dog does anything that you deem to not be able to deal with, you must appreciate we work as quickly as we can to move a dog, but the dog is our priority and we won’t move the dog unless we have a firm foster or adopter available, so you must be willing to be patient. We would hope however that knowing all of the above you will be planned and ready for a possible troublesome dog and will not expect us to ‘get rid’ of the dog instantly!

Feeling ready to apply? Here’s the link to the online form!